Was that Your Pretence?

How you would come and emerge into my life being someone special,

Life moved on to a new city,
You came in life,
Ensembled in honesty, politeness with an essence of mischievous flavour hidden beneath you,
Its said that Bad boys attract Good girls,
Were you Bad?
M I Good?
Some questions should left unanswered.

You said you loved me,
I drifted away.
You said you care for me,
I drifted even more..
Just because..
Crushes were crushed,
And hearts were broken.
From begining till the end you never ever tried to understand..

You said I mattered the most,
Was that your pretence?
Whenever you tried to leave,
I stopped you,
Was that your pretence?
You said I mattered the most,
But you were more affected by others,
Was that your pretence?
I tried to trust, to love, to commit,
But you couldn’t believe,
Was that your pretence?

I still ask myself a question..
Was that your pretence or mine?
Have I played with you?
Or you with me?
Was that your fault or mine?
Is there still something..
Missed or unexplored,
Or the real you is the same..
Not believing not trusting anyone,
Hoping that everyone would leave.

Please just be true at least to yourself,
You would not end up hurting yourself.

“This is Someone like me to Him”