A PEARL & A DOT (My Version)

Dear Reader,

When I see through my window,
I see a clear black sky,
With a shining pearl with spots at the top,
Dazzling in pride,
Surrounded by the highlighting smoky clouds,
Glorifying the skyline!


Oh wait! There is someone else 
Along with it..
Who’s it? Who’s it?
Hmm.. Not very far away, there goes a small twinkling dot 
With that pearl..
Is the pearl aware of the dot?

That Pearl sometimes glows with passion,
Sometimes it dims with exhaustion,
Sometimes it gets dark,
Sometimes it disappears its mark,
But the dot was there with the pearl!

You know what that pearl thinks Reader?
Don’t know? I tell you, it thinks that

I am a fool..
I am a fool that I illuminate
the earth and its livings..
I feel lonely when I see
I get nothing in return..
I care for trillions of human beings
and millions of creatures
and enlighten them at the night..
Even when their inventions fail to company them they count on me to provide them peace and light..”

But you know how I see it.. 
I see a pearl and a dot together,
Not very far from each other,
The distance never fades away,
They are always together to stay,
There might be thousands
Of dots for that pearl,
But for that dot 
The pearl is the only one!

When I see the smoky highlights around the pearl..
They come and pass by,
But does the pearl know it has its standby?

Days have come and gone,
The dot has always maintained its distance,
But has not lost its place,
Has always watched the pearl,
Has seen its up rise and downfall,
But stayed with it forever..!

When ever the pearl disappears
The dot has guarded 
the whole sky alone,
It might have gone away 
or have glorified somewhere else
But it waited for the pearl to come..
To come and glow again..!

The pearl may think it is alone.. 
Or even if it acknowledges the Dot’s presence..
It may again think someday
That nobody does anything to honor it..!

I reckon that fool is a great naive creature,
As he doesn’t know that dot
Awaits for it,
Does not ever would let it duty alone 
It stays at a distance.. THE DOT
But never says a word
Because its said 

Of course by now.. You have already figured out that the pearl is the MOON
And the dot is That one twinkling STAR
Which stays with the MOON at a distance 
No matter what, at a distance..
Says nothing but stays with him..

This is for a person who I care for like that MOON
Yes I am his STAR
And always will be.
And he knows that..!
Just a way I am expressing it..!!


PCs: Google.. Also to rectify the caption in the image.. It should to be :

                    ” Moon & Star ”

(Couldn’t find any other apt image..
*sigh* )

Thank You for your time!
I appreciate that! 🙂

P.S. I am not a professional blogger, I scribble what I feel.. And What I feel my inner girl screams to pen it down..
So apologies for my grammatical mistakes and the use of naïve words to frame my work.. 😈

A Big Hug for Reading this! 🙆🙌😘


Was that Your Pretence?

How you would come and emerge into my life being someone special,

Life moved on to a new city,
You came in life,
Ensembled in honesty, politeness with an essence of mischievous flavour hidden beneath you,
Its said that Bad boys attract Good girls,
Were you Bad?
M I Good?
Some questions should left unanswered.

You said you loved me,
I drifted away.
You said you care for me,
I drifted even more..
Just because..
Crushes were crushed,
And hearts were broken.
From begining till the end you never ever tried to understand..

You said I mattered the most,
Was that your pretence?
Whenever you tried to leave,
I stopped you,
Was that your pretence?
You said I mattered the most,
But you were more affected by others,
Was that your pretence?
I tried to trust, to love, to commit,
But you couldn’t believe,
Was that your pretence?

I still ask myself a question..
Was that your pretence or mine?
Have I played with you?
Or you with me?
Was that your fault or mine?
Is there still something..
Missed or unexplored,
Or the real you is the same..
Not believing not trusting anyone,
Hoping that everyone would leave.

Please just be true at least to yourself,
You would not end up hurting yourself.

“This is Someone like me to Him”

Quest For Serendipity – Inception

“Warmth, a deep gratification she feels secured in his perfect locked embrace. His touch makes her alive again, like a perfect calm ocean rejuvenated after suffering an excruciating stormy night. The heat of this intense proximity makes her ease down all pains of her life. Like a dead leaf bestowed its life again by locking it into its branches and giving a meaning to its existence. Even though he was up early morning with the sunshine he wouldn’t move from his place intentionally, enjoying a perfect morning delight in his arms. He could lay back and hold on to this pleasure for hours, his morning starts with her and he ends his day with her.”

“Hmmm…” Maxwell Rodger hummed while scribbling in his diary.


“And there you are, you slacker.. Past three calls have been sent for you to make just 3 files reach onto my desk.. bloody hell.. just look at you.. dashed in oblivion..” barked Mr. Ford Waugh after splatting a glass full of water on Maxwell’s face. Maxwell was scandalized enough to snap himself out of writing his “never turning out to be.. Not so real but a fantasy” diary entry, which he was trying to pen down since a month but when he tried he couldn’t finish it. His life was as fragmented and incomplete as his diary entries or say ..fantasies.

Mr. Waugh is Manager in Foodie’s Bite restaurant and Maxwell assists him. “How many times you have to be told to get back to your work as soon as the break is over”, he shouted over Maxwell.. an hour after the break and waiting for past four hours for the files of the annual presentation in Foodie’s .

He dropped the glass on his desk, almost breaking it. He shouted again on his face pointing towards the files on Maxwell’s desk, holding the edge with his other hand “You can delay to make these files to my desk but your resignation letter will be delivered on your desk within a blink of your eye.. and let me make this very clear.. this is your last call Mr. Maxwell Rodger and sweep a space in your mind for a fact that if you are thrown out of Foodie’s you won’t be less than a rant to dwell in Miami. I will make sure that no wealthy bastard would deploy you into his venture.” Done with his crap Mr. Waugh headed back to his cabin, slamming the door on Maxwell’s miserable damp face.

Thinking of his sorrowful and feeble life he ruffled his damp hair and combed gently with his hands. He let out a sigh in despair and looked at his thrown away black diary in which he scribbled his urge for a true and selfless love and his favorite Blue Schneider K 15. Thankfully neither his diary was harmed nor his pen was broken. He bent over and picked both and kept them safely on his chair, to his beautiful reveries and virtual world there was no room for his real life bitter torments which he have to agonize everyday without even a break of a nano sec. He doesn’t wanna even give an eye to his now vandalized desk. That one tumbler now lie blatantly after rolling for a while, for that very moment he felt like throwing it hard on the front closed door so that at least that was the thing he could utterly destroy.

After an hour of struggle of renewing the affected blotted papers in the files, Maxwell picked the telecom and called for the helping staff. After a while Reg knocked,
“Sir, May I come in?”.
“You don’t have to be formal with me okay? Come on in” Maxwell said along with running hands through his hairs and leaning on his desk after having a good lay back on his chair.
“Make these files to him” Maxwell handed over those explosives i.e. the three great files to him. Sensing the situation, Reg comforted him, “Feel free to share Bud, I am here and always will be”. Maxwell looked in his eyes and after a pause Maxwell said, “…Nothing” with a sore resilient voice. He checked the clock, it was 5:07. Clicking the shut down button from start menu, he closed the flap of his laptop, unplugged the charger. He stood from the chair, collected his stuffs and packed his laptop satchel and made himself all set to leave the office. Maxwell stopped at the doorstep of his cabin turned to Reg standing nearby and tapped on his shoulder, his only talking buddy in the office or say only a friend in his life. They exchanged lifeless smiles again and Maxwell then finally left.